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Frustration… We must stand firm.

Over the last few years, I have been growing increasingly frustrated with myself and other teachers who do not resist the negative indoctrination that veteran and preservice teachers undergo as part of their roles as teacher. This sense of growing frustration is unfortunately linked to the exposure of so much negativity in today’s public schools that, instead of searching for student strengths often we only see what is wrong or deficient with theĀ  students (Delpit, 1995). I feel that teachers allow this negative indoctrination to marginalize their expectations of children. This, in turn, influences their pedagogy. Lowering standards and expectations only continues cycles of failure that has plagued many schools AND students for too long. This negativity dominates many school cultures, as some teachers find fault with the home lives of students and exclude these children from teacher’s goals (see Ms. Brant’s Rants for an example of pre-testing exclusion of some students). We must stand firm in our instructional decisions that can and will facilitate learning of ALL children regardless of class, race, abilities, gender, and/or how close they are to passing a test. Over the next few weeks I’ll be sharing stories of teachers and their practices and decisions so hopefully more educators can begin to see ways to STAND FIRM in their pedagogical beliefs.

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