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Note to Self Shelf

I absolutely love how my 8-year old, Kat, is growing and maturing into a little lady. Today I happened upon a blue piece of construction paper with “Note to self shelf” written on it. This paper is taped to her closet door!

Her notes include:
“14th shop for stuff” and “were a coat on Tuseday.”

This is where I diverge into my teachery self. Kat’s teacher is incredible! So often teachers have students earn tickets for good behavior or making good decisions. In this, students often get to spend their tickets on plastic, junky goodie bag type gifts that I end up throwing away when Kat is not looking.

This year is different! Her class earns tickets and then purchases things like “eat lunch at the Dragon Park” or “have recess on the field.” There is also “read a favorite book to another class.” What cool prizes! When one student does well, the whole class does well. What a strong community building motivator! Kiddos are even combining their tickets to be able to “purchase” the bigger items (i.e. Lunch at Dragon Park is 100 tickets)!

I love, love, love this idea! All this to say: Kat’s shop for stuff note is referring to this. Last week, Kat bought “read to another class.” This means, she has selected 3 books, read them aloud repeatedly (text appropriateness and fluency building), and contacted 2 different teachers to request permission and a time that would work for them (writing, communication, and negotiation).

This is my kind of reward! Academic, confidence-building, supporting the good of others, and encouraging!



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