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Popular Utopias Dystopias Book List

Do you like to read Dystopian Fiction like the Hunger Games series, Chemical Girl series, or Maze Runner series?

If so or if you want to give it a try, I stumbled upon this list includes over 200 books that just might fit the bill. If you try one out, check back here and leave comment!

Happy Reading 🙂


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May 31, 2012 · 12:53 pm

Who in the World is Emily Pendergrass?

Thanks for visiting a blog on adolescent literacies, literacies coaching, and teaching and learning.

Freire’s (1992) critical statement, “Content must be delivered up to the cognitive curiosity of teacher and pupils. The former teach, and in doing so, learn. The latter learn, and in doing so teach” (p. 96) has been the catalyst to transform my teaching. The fact that there is no teaching without learning and no learning without teaching can serve as the basis for a creative and successful way to reclaim the power of teaching in the current climate of mandated curriculum.

Blurring the traditional student-teacher boundaries. I believe we can probably learn more from students than we could ever teach them if we continue to select the curriculum out of our own cultures, experiences, and values. “The refusal of educators to learn from their students has led us to the present predicament characterized by failure”(Macedo, 2006, p. 142). I fully believe that the success rate of schools will change when teachers see themselves as learners and see the students as people with much to offer. Learning from and with students can prove to be a worthwhile endeavor as we no longer categorize students by their failures but by their successes.

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